Enrichment Sponsorships

Birthday Sponsorship Program

sponsor a birthday.png

Full Sponsorship- $265


  • Private walking tour of the sanctuary
  • New donors receive a one-year membership
  • Special, exclusive birthday party photos
  • Recognition for sponsorship (unless otherwise requested)

What your donation provides:

  • Birthday decorations (streamers, piñatas, & other festive paper products)
  • Healthy and ape appropriate birthday “cake” & birthday treats
  • 2 ape appropriate birthday presents

Partial Sponsorship- $125


  • New donors receive a one-year membership
  • Special, exclusive birthday party photos
  • Recognition for sponsorship (unless otherwise requested) 

What your donation provides:

  • Birthday decorations (streamers, piñatas, & other festive paper products)
  • 1 ape appropriate birthday present

*Please note that birthday party sponsorships are limited to 1 full sponsorship (1 donor) or 2 partial sponsorships (2 donors). If a birthday party has already been sponsored, you may sponsor another apes’ birthday.

**New donors will receive a one-year membership with benefits. Member benefits include invitations to member-only events such as Spring and Holiday member events, as well as a subscription to our monthly eNewsletter.

***It should be noted that not all of our apes are photogenic, but we will do our best to provide the most professional (and adorable) photos.

****Birthday “cakes”, treats and presents will be prepared accordingly to the preferences of your sponsored ape.

Ape Birthdays

BamBam– January 3rd  

Maggie– January 12th

Stryker– January 19th

Kenzy- January 31st

Katie– February 5th

Jacob– February 15th

Jonah– February 15th

Bubbles– March 11th

Oopsie– March 11th

Harry– March 18th

Chuckie– April 6th

Jam– April 9th

EllieApril 17th

Popi– April 23rd

Bailey– May 4th

Angel– May 5th

Jessie– June 6th

Ripley– June 12th

Mickey– June 13th 

Sunshine– June 13th  

Kiki– June 20th

Kenya– July 1st

Tango– July 17th

Mowgli– July 22nd

Hannah- July 27th

ArchieJuly 31st

Daisy– August 4th

Kodua– August 7th

Pongo– August 16th

Radcliffe– August 18th

Jethro– August 24th

Murray– September 7th

Geri– September 13th

Bentley- September 14th

Butch– September 16th

Chipper– September 16th

Pebbles– September 20th  

Bella– September 29th

Knuckles– October 3rd

Linus– October 10th

Christopher– October 11th

Mari– October 24th

Marco– November 21st

Keagan– November 23rd

Brooks– November 30th

Boma– December 14th

Louie– December 19th

Noelle– December 19th

Natsu– December 29th

Allie– December 30th

**Highlighted apes have a HALF birthday sponsor.

**Apes with a strikethrough have FULL birthday sponsors.

Enrichment Sponsorship Program

sponsor enrichment.png

Chimpanzees and orangutans are highly intelligent sentient beings. In their natural habitat, they face everyday obstacles such as foraging for food, navigating their environment, participating in social activities and avoiding danger.

It is essential to their well-being that they are kept engaged and stimulated. There are several types of enrichment that we utilize; sensory, food-based, manipulative, environmental and behavioral-social. Each type of enrichment encourages our residents to overcome challenges and to solve problems that would be natural to them.

Beginning in 2018, each month we will be fundraising for a unique enrichment item that will be provided to a specific ape or group of apes.

We are asking our members, supporters, and friends to help sponsor these enrichment items.  As a sponsor, you may donate as little as $5 or as much as the total cost of the item and any donation amount in between.

Updates will be posted on social media regarding the campaign progress as well as acknowledgment of the sponsors thus far (unless otherwise requested by them).

Great apes have the intellectual ability to modify objects into tools with intended and specific purposes. Tool use is a learned behavior that is passed down from generation to generation. It is also a varying behavior, meaning different individuals or social groups create and use tools in different ways. It is suggested that in this context great apes have culture. It is vitally important amongst managed great apes to realize and express these types of wild behaviors. Providing many opportunities for our apes to engage in naturalistic behaviors such as foraging for food or “fishing” for food is important to their mental and physical health, as well as encouraging normal social behaviors.

Ape-ril's enrichment sponsorship program will be campaigning for 3 feeder puzzles: “The Slide Feeder”, The Spin a Snack”, and “The Treat Dispenser”. And 2 “Universal Brackets” to attach the feeders to the mesh habitats. These devices will enable our residents to engage in naturally curious behaviors, employing their problem-solving skills and fine motor skills. The total cost for all 5 devices is $1,411. Help us reach our goal by April 30th!