ENDANGERED- An Art Exhibition to Benefit the Center for Great Apes


Top artists will show their works at a special exhibition entitled ENDANGERED to raise funds for The Center for Great Apes. The exhibition will take place from 11 am until 11pm daily, December 5-9, 2012 at the Miami Club Rum Distillery in the Wynwood art district in Miami, Florida. Nightly special events start at 7pm.

Art by the celebrated artists reflects nature, the environment, animals and life. Several of the artists will be incorporating the Center for Great Apes into their work for the exhibit. Fine art photographer Laurent Harari (laurentharari.viewbook.com) has visited the Center for Great Apes to create a special image for the ENDANGERED exhibition. Artist Jeffrey Pitt, a primatologist by training, will also create a special piece focusing on great apes for the exhibition. And during the exhibition a video of the sanctuary and the apes will be projected on a piece by artist David Kidd. Paintings by Garry Kravit are of specific residents at the Center for Great Apes. Pieces from more than a dozen celebrated artists will be on display including artists represented by Octavia Art Gallery.

Works from the following artists represented by the Octavia Art Gallery will be on exhibit:

• David Kidd – David Kidd’s layered, textured abstract paintings feature structural and botanical elements. www.davidkiddpaintings.com
• Joe Zammit-Lucia - One of the world’s leading animal portrait artists, Joe Zammit-Lucia is a conceptual artist working with a photographic medium to explore issues relating to the human animal relationship. www.jzlimages.com
• Sheila McInerney - McInerney utilizes a variety of natural and found materials in her work, which explores the rich inner world of her dreams and memories. The result is a play between outer and inner expression. www.sheilamcinerney.com
• Nall - Over a successful, 40-year career, Nall has seamlessly positioned himself for both regional and international appeal, with a sprawling body of work that reveals the beauty of nature, the ephemeral, and strikes those who confront and admire his work, just as they would the spectacle of nature itself. www.nallart.com
• Jeffery Pitt - Jeffrey Pitt’s drawings and paintings of iconography and symbols interpret current events and situations. His work can be found in the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Wichita Center for the Arts, and in many notable private collections. www.jeffreypitt.net
• Betsy Stewart - Using biomorphic images, Betsy Stewart’s artwork examines the microscopic, mutually dependent life systems found in pond water. Her artwork can be found hanging in major cities nationally and internationally, including New York, San Francisco, Santa Fe, London, and Beirut as well as Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., and the American Embassy in Barbados. www.betsystewartpaintings.com

Works from the following artists Anna Bogusz, Isabelle du Toit, Norman Gitzen, Garry Kravitz, Ronnie Muscat, and Jonathan Norris will also be on display at the ENDAGERED exhibit. During the exhibit special events will occur nightly starting at 7pm. On December 7 fashions inspired by endangered species will be modeled. These designs commissioned by the Gabby Wild Foundation (http://www.gabbywild.com/animals.php) include works by students and designers such as Jay McCarroll and Seth Aaron Henderson, winners of Lifetime's hit reality show "Project Runway". A donation of $20 per guest at the entrance provides guests with one complimentary cocktail and an event poster.

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