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Education and Outreach

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Center for Great Apes is offering Ape-ology workshops for fans, members, and supporters interested in expanding their knowledge about great apes and learning more about CGA's residents. 

Workshops include: an educational presentation (on a specific topic for that month), a tour of a specific area on grounds related to the topic, and a special behind-the-scenes opportunity to observe the apes and talk with their caregivers, unique to Ape-ology. 

Donation cost is $30 OR $25 for current members

Interested in registering? Please visit our donation page and in the "additional comments" section please include "for Ape-ology" as well as the participant(s) name(s). Spaces are limited to the first 30 participants to register. Participants must be at least 15 years old.

Workshops will be held monthly | Topics will change and include basic and more advanced materials

Current Schedule:

January 13th: Pongo tapanuliensis- the New Orangutan Species (A comparison of all three orangutan species)

February 10th: Closing Time (An inside account of our closing routine and night rounds)

April 14th: Diseases Facing Captive vs Wild Great Apes (Healthcare and training, prevention and treatment)

May 12th: Nest Building and Tool Use in Captive and Wild Great Apes (A hands-on learning experience)

October 13th: Who's your daddy? (An interactive discussion about genetics and family trees)

November 17th: Great Ape Cultures (A review of recorded chimpanzee and orangutan cultures)

Workshops are held from 10:00am-1:00pm

For more information on Ape-ology, please contact Donor Programs Coordinator, Lauren. outreach@centerforgreatapes.org863-767-8903 ext. 224

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Join us for Afternoon with the Apes monthly from 1:00-3:00 PM

While the Center for Great Apes is not open to the public, we do offer tours under special circumstances and for educational purposes. Therefore, we are sure you will understand that all tours are subject to certain parameters.

The tour will run from 1:00-3:00 PM. Please arrive between 12:45-1:00 PM. Anyone who arrives after 1:15 PM will not be able to join this month’s tour and will have to reschedule. The donation cost is $25 per person. All visitors will be required to register prior to tour date and sign our Visitor Consent and Release form the day of the tour. Registration is limited to the first 25 people. Participants must be at least 15 years old.

The tour will be a walking tour of about ¼ mile on shell-rock paths with limited sitting spaces. Be prepared to be in the Florida elements including sun, rain, bugs and other critters. Please wear comfortable clothes, hats, and walking shoes and bring your own bottled water. Please note that your scheduled visit may be canceled, rescheduled or interrupted at any time due to an emergency, staff availability, weather, routine care of the apes or other reasons deemed necessary.

Schedule 2018:

Wednesday, January 24th

Thursday, February 22nd 

Friday, March 9th

Wednesday, April 25th

Thursday, May 24th

Friday, June 22nd

Wednesday, October 24th

Wednesday, November 7th

Saturday, December 29th

To register for this upcoming tour or for more information, please call us at 863-767-8903 ext 224 or email our Donor Programs Coordinator, Lauren at

Want to Learn More on an Educational Tour?

We offer educational, group tours for both students and adults.

Student Tours: Group tours are available for students in 4th grade through senior year in high school (10 years old and up) for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25 people. The donation cost is $5 per student and $10 per adult chaperone. All tours of the sanctuary are by appointment only.

College Tours: Group tours are available for current college/university students for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25 people. The donation cost is $10 per each attendee. All tours of the sanctuary are by appointment only.

Adult Tours: Group tours are available for a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25 people. The donation cost is $25 per person. All tours of the sanctuary are by appointment only.

Contact the main office at 863-767-8903 to schedule a group tour today.

Want CGA to Come to You? 

We offer educational presentations for local community and school groups 4th grade and up through college.

  • Topics include: CGA History, CGA residents, and/or general primates facts (specific topics dependent on level, curriculum, and interest).
  • Presentations can last between 20 minutes and an hour (can be tailored to your own schedule)
  • Presentations can include: PowerPoint, artifacts, handouts, and/or activities
  • Under 75 attendees: $75
  • Over 75 attendees: $125

Aren't local? Don't worry! We can come to you virtually! 

Contact our Donor Programs Coordinator, Lauren for more information and donation cost. | 863-767-8903 ext. 224

NOTE: NO animals are brought to any presentation at any time for the safety of our staff and apes as well as the safety of presentation guests.