Katie arrived at the Center for Great Apes in April of 2013 after spending the first 18 years of her life in a tiny indoor cage in a New Jersey home where she was kept as a pet. When she was rescued, Katie was almost completely bald on her back and legs due to a very poor diet, but with proper nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables at the Center (and with the help of Florida's heat and humidity), Katie's hair has begun to grow. 

Her diet in New Jersey consisted mostly of mushroom soup, Jell-O, pudding, jelly doughnuts, oatmeal, candy, and hot tea. When she started trying different fruits and vegetables at the Center, she would take tiny little bites- so small there was no way she could determine what it tasted like- but she would try everything. Today, Katie is on a nutritious diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutrient-packed primate biscuits.  

Katie lived most of her life in a tiny indoor cage as a pet.  Today at the sanctuary, she has a very large 40-foot tall habitat with grass and natural ground. However, Katie is still afraid to walk on the grass or hay and will not climb the ladders and jungle gyms in her habitat.   She stays mostly in the chutes or on the sidewalk of her domes.  It may take her years to gain the confidence to climb and explore her new home.

  • Katie was born February 5, 1995
  • Despite living with a human family and not other chimpanzees, Katie showed remarkable bravery in meeting her first chimpanzee friends at the sanctuary- Murray, Mowgli, and Clyde. When she had a "howdy" meeting with Murray, he was very sweet with her and invited her to groom him through the mesh of the "howdy" door. Katie gently touched him and both sat next to each other, calmly touching.
  • Today Katie lives in a group of chimpanzees who have a similar background as hers--Murray, Mickey, and Daisy.  Murray is her favorite chimpanzee now.
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