Bam Bam
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My Character
Acrobatic, Inquisitive, Energetic

My Birthday
January 3, 1999

My Story

Bam Bam was born at a commercial breeder’s Florida facility and is the younger sibling of adult male orangutan, Sammy. He was sold to a California trainer and worked in several entertainment venues. His longest “job” lasted two years in the TV soap opera Passions, where he played the part of an orangutan nurse. At age six, Bam Bam, was becoming too strong to be worked and was nearing his retirement from the television business.


Bam Bam arrived at the Center in the company of two other infant orangutans, Jam and Pebbles. While these youngsters played and wrestled with each other, they clearly needed some “fostering” from older orangutans. After their initial quarantine period, they were each introduced gradually to adult and adolescent orangutans at the sanctuary. Bam Bam has lived with Christopher, Radcliffe, Chuckie, and his adolescent friend Louie.


During his pre-subadult years Bam Bam became good friends with Louie and did what most adolescent orangutans do… wrestle, chase, swing on vines, wrestle more, and cause occasional havoc. They especially liked to follow the staff around the property in their tree-top tunnel system and compete for attention with their youthful antics.


Now that Bam Bam is entering his sub-adulthood years, he is avoiding other male territories and is starting to prefer the company of females instead. Bam Bam’s favorite companion now is the female Tango, and he enjoys playing with her throughout the day.  


Bam Bam is a sweet and gentle ape who loves to investigate new toys and enrichment provided to him. He is very active, and can usually be found in the highest places in his habitat, typically brachiating around in true orangutan, arm-over-arm locomotion.