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My Character
Social, Witty, Massive

My Birthday
February 28, 1979

My Story

Born at the Toledo Zoo, Radcliffe is a cross between Bornean and Sumatran orangutans. Because he wasn’t either pure Bornean or pure Sumatran, the zoo sold him in the early 1980’s to a circus trainer.

Radcliffe was worked in television shows and various small traveling circuses with a chimpanzee act for a number of years until he became too large and too strong to handle. After an aggressive confrontation with Radcliffe, the trainer sold him to a small zoo/amusement park in New York. Later, that facility sent him to the small roadside attraction in Florida where he lived for eight years in a tiny chain link cage.

When the Florida attraction was closed, we brought Radcliffe (along with the chimpanzee Roger) to the sanctuary to live out the rest in his life in dignity. Radcliffe now enjoys climbing the trees in his 40-foot tall habitat and loves to roam through the tunnels to visit other orangutans at the sanctuary.

Radcliffe makes his nests out of enrichment boxes, tubs, and various toys. Most nights he likes to sleep under “tents” he creates with his blankets by weaving the corners into places above him. He particularly likes rags and bubbles in his water tubs so he can “wash” his toys, shelves, and walls of the nighthouse. On hot days, Radcliffe likes to push objects into his drinking fountain so he has a continuous stream of water to play in!

Even though Radcliffe is an adult male orangutan, his “facial cheekpads” never developed because he was castrated as a juvenile in the circus. So now, he looks like an extremely large female orangutan. At 270 pounds, he would likely be even larger if he had been left to grow normally. He is the tallest of all our orangutans, with hands that are 14 inches long!

Raddy has "howdies" or play dates at various times with Christopher, Pongo, Bam Bam, Mari, Tango, Louie, and Chuckie...but his favorite friend is little Pebbles.  When they visit in the chute system, he will “baby-squeak” at her and allow her to poke him in the face and pull his hair!