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My Character
Frivolous, Spirited, Rambunctious

My Birthday
September 29, 1997

My Story

Bella arrived at the Center in 2005 with a group of Hollywood chimpanzees (including her older sister, Maggie, and her younger brother, Mowgli) who were retired from the movie and television business. As an infant and juvenile, she worked in various TV shows and advertisements including the original advertising campaign for an employment company seen during the Super Bowl in 2004.

Today at the sanctuary, Bella’s constant companions are Maggie, Ellie, and the twins Jonah and Jacob. She’s the youngest in her group and the most playful. Bella particularly likes playing with the twins and frequently tries to get tickle sessions or games of “chase” going with Jonah.

Her favorite toy is a bungee cord that the caregivers have hung in her enclosure. She bounces and swings on it many times during the day. Bella is very inventive and makes up games… especially if it involves playing in the water and sprinklers. She will fill many cups full of water, dump all the water into a hole she digs in the sand, and make a giant wet sand-pit to splash around in.

When Bella first arrived at the sanctuary (at age 7), she was in a group with Jessie and her infant, Bobby Stryker. Bella loved to baby-sit for Jessie’s baby and would carry him all over the habitat swinging him around even when he was just a few months old! If Jessie got anxious about it, Bella would always carry the baby right back to her.

Bella is very smart and seems to enjoy challenges. During routine health checks, she has learned to present hands and feet for inspection, arms and legs for injections, ears for temperature readings, and helpfully shows the caregivers her teeth. Her favorite treats are frozen juices and frozen fruit, and she hates pumpkin seeds!