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My Character 
Determined, Social, Problem-Solver

My Birthday
December 30, 1994

My Story

Allie was born December 30, 1994 at the Yerkes National Primate ResearchCenter in Atlanta, Georgia. When she was eighteen months old, she and hermother were transferred to the Denver Zoo.Sadly, her mother died unexpectedly when Allie was only six.Within three months of her mother’s passing,Allie herself became ill with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy(CIDP).CIDP is closely related to Guillain Barre syndrome and leads to a loss ofstrength or sensation.

Allie is not truly paralyzed and can still feel pain, but she doesnot have voluntary control over her legs, so she cannot walk.With physical therapy, she has regainedstrength in her upper body and pulls herself around her enclosure with the manyextra fire hoses that have been installed for her.Physical therapy is still an important partof her daily routine, and she is a marvelous tool user, which has helpedtremendously with her hand therapy during her recovery.

From the Denver Zoo, Allie was movedto the Great Ape Trust in Iowa when she was nine years old.She lived with several orangutans there… and inspite of her handicap, she loved to play and wrestle with them. When the GreatApe Trust downsized their operation in 2011 and out-placed all of theirorangutans, Allie came with Popi, an elder female orangutan, to the Center forGreat Apes in January of 2012.

She likes watching Sesame Street videos and absolutely adores playing with water and bubblebaths! She also loves playing with chalkand enjoys browse….particularly the leaves of bananas, grape vine, andhibiscus. She’s an excellent eater,relishing most foods (especially mango, grapes and carrots)… but definitely not mushrooms!

Allie is a very special girl and is always happy to see her caregivers.But she is very determined to get her way, and even a little stubborn. This tenacity has gotten her through some difficult times.