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If you would like to help financially with my care, we have a personalized “Adoption” opportunity. For a donation of $150, you will receive an adoption certificate, frame quality photograph with biography, and become a member of the sanctuary for one year.

For $10,000 you can become my exclusive adoptive “parent” for one full year and have the opportunity for a unique overnight stay in a guest cabin on sanctuary grounds.

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My Character 
Crafty, Active, Enthusiastic 

My Birthday
Born in Africa in the early 1970's

My Story

Chipper was wild-born in Africa in approximately 1974 and then sold to a New York animal dealer and eventually to a circus trainer when he was only two years old. Along with Butch, Chipper spent ten years in the Ringling Brothers circus and then was sent to the Coulston bio-medical research lab in New Mexico when his trainer died. After Chipper left the lab in 1985, he was sent to a small roadside zoo for retired performing circus animals in North Florida. While there, Chipper and another chimpanzee gained some notoriety on television when they escaped, ran out onto the Interstate with a gallon of honey, and sat on the road eating their stolen treat. After they finished the honey, they ran into a neighbor’s barn and took the cap off the gas tank of a nearby tractor, poured in kitty litter, then replaced the cap... then opened the crank case, poured in more kitty litter and put that cap back on!
Chipper arrived at the Center’s sanctuary in September 2000 with his long-time companion, Butch. Chipper is tall and slim and can easily climb all the structures in his new home. His athletic abilities are evident as he explores the swings and vines in his outside area.

His favorite enrichment toys are old shoes and boots... and lots of fresh tree branches for nest building. Chipper will spend long periods of time carefully placing his enrichment toys in the large “nests” he builds each day. When Chipper is out in the Walk-About Chutes, he gallops at top speed through the woods trying to get a game of chase going with staff and volunteers. And, Chipper always wins!

Chippers friends and companions at the Center have been Butch, Roger, Daisy, and Angel. But today Chipper spends all of his days with the younger female Natsu. By far, she is the most compatible with Chipper and they play chase, tickle, and groom together most of the day.