Make a One-Time Gift Now

It costs $20,000 a year to care for one great ape. Your generous one-time gift will support rescue, rehabilitation, food, habitat, medical, and other critical needs of the sanctuary.


Be a part of a community that supports the Center for Great Apes mission to provide a safe, healthy, and enriching environment for endangered great apes in need of lifetime care. Membership benefits include invitations to members-only sanctuary events and our e-newsletter that gives you an inside look and regular updates on our apes and the sanctuary.

Adopt an Ape

Symbolically adopting one of our great apes is one of the best ways you can show your ongoing support for their wellbeing. Adopt an ape for yourself or as a meaningful one-of-a-kind present today and help provide lifetime care for an endangered orangutan and chimpanzee at our sanctuary. All adoptees automatically receive family membership and benefits to Center for Great Apes.

how_you_can_help.jpgGive Monthly for Ongoing Impact

As a Center for Great Apes Monthly Giving Partner, you become one of our apes and our best friends because having a consistent and reliable source of funding allows us to focus more of our efforts on rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for the apes. And, when you become an Ape Ally you automatically receive a Center for Great Apes family membership.

Great Ape Society

By making the Center for Great Apes a philanthropic priority, members of the Great Ape Society help ensure the long-term care of the apes and the future of the sanctuary.

Legacy & Planned Giving

There are a number of ways via planned giving to leave a lasting legacy and shape the future of the Center for Great Apes that allow you to potentially receive income tax deductions, supplement retirement income, and plan for the smooth transfer of your estate to your heirs.

Wish List

Our apes love care packages! From applesauce and gardening tools to blankets and Kong toys, the apes and the sanctuary appreciate your help. Support of this nature is considered an in-kind gift and is eligible for tax deductions under charitable giving as defined by the IRS.

Other Ways to Give

There are other ways you can give to the Center for Great Apes such as through our Amazon Wish List. Visit the Other Ways to Give page for a complete list.