Enrichment & Sponsorships

Enrichment Sponsorship Program

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Chimpanzees and orangutans are highly intelligent sentient beings. In their natural habitat, they face everyday obstacles such as foraging for food, navigating their environment, participating in social activities and avoiding danger.

It is essential to their well-being that they are kept engaged and stimulated. There are several types of enrichment that we utilize; sensory, food-based, manipulative, environmental and behavioral-social. Each type of enrichment encourages our residents to overcome challenges and to solve problems that would be natural to them.

We are asking our members, supporters, and friends to help sponsor these enrichment and ape-care items.  As a sponsor, you may donate as little as $5 or as much as the total cost of the item and any donation amount in between.

Ape Sponsorship Program

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Sponsor your favorite ape with a donation amount of your choosing.

Sponsorship donations are used to continue the lifetime care of your chosen sponsored ape by providing nourishing food, enrichment puzzles and treats, veterinary health care, and compassionate care by qualified caregivers.