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Orangutans and chimpanzees are endangered species and the Center for Great Apes is the only accredited orangutan sanctuary in the nation. We invite you to meet the apes, learn their stories and find out how you can help us in our vital mission.

Chimpanzees Orangutans


Because chimpanzees are often seen in entertainment and are popular at zoos, many people don’t realize they are an endangered species.  There are as few as 170,000 left in the wild. Each of our chimpanzees has a unique personality and background story. Find out more about our chimpanzees and how you can help.

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Banner Photo Credit: Colleen Reed


Bornean orangutans are now estimated to number about 41,000 (endangered) and Sumatran orangutans about 7,500 (critically endangered). They are the largest tree-dwelling animal in the world. Meet and learn about each of our very individual orangutans and find out more about how you can help.

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