Kenzy, Hannah, and Bentley started their lives working for a chimp trainer living in Missouri and Nevada. For most of their infancy, they were moved around in small, single crate cages inside a van while the trainer tried to get work using the chimpanzees in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Las Vegas. 

Chimpanzees with these early life experiences have many difficulties to overcome. We know that with patience and compassionate care, these chimpanzees will become more confident and normal in their interactions with others of their own species.

Bentley is the youngest of the new trio and the second youngest chimpanzee at the sanctuary (he has Chloe beat by a couple months). He is a handsome and playful chimpanzee who loves to play with his best friend Kenzy. Bentley’s favorite food is his primate chow— he absolutely loves it!  He also likes his greens, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes, but he hates broccoli.

  • Bentley was born September 14, 2009
  • His caregivers describe him as goofy, smart, and friendly
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