Bo is thought to be in his 30s.  He was in the entertainment business in California where he produced at least one infant and then was sent to a Missouri facility before finally ending up in Oklahoma, where he was prior to arriving at the sanctuary with another chimpanzee, Joe.

We discovered after they arrived that our little 9-year-old Bentley (who was sent to our sanctuary in February of 2018 along with two other former entertainment chimps) is actually the grandson of both these older males!

These two unrelated chimpanzees living in different states for many years each sired offspring who were used in the ape trade business.   One of Joe’s daughters and Bo’s son now live together in Missouri and are the parents of Bentley!  

Bo is very much so a ham; he loves people and being around his caregivers. His favorite foods are…pretty much anything! He’s very food motivated. He also loves food-related enrichment like Kong toys and smear magazines.

  • Bo's exact birthdate is unknown
  • His caregivers describe him as silly, outgoing, and animated
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