Yet another former Hollywood entertainment baby, Brooks was worked in movies, television, and commercials in his early years. When he became too large for his trainers to handle, he was retired at age six—still a juvenile.

Brooks arrived at the Center for Great Apes having had very little experience interacting with other chimpanzees. Nervous around the sanctuary chimpanzees, he often screamed in fear when he was being introduced to them. In order to fit in, he had to learn appropriate chimpanzee behaviors and responses. First we introduced him to the social group that consisted of Grub, Kenya, Noelle, and Toddy. He lived with them for a few years until he started to challenge Grub and pick fights with him.

At that point, we added Brooks to the foursome of Mickey, Angel, Daisy, Mowgli, and Natsu. He developed a close friendship with Angel but never connected with Mickey. Indeed, he spent much of each day avoiding the older male. Then, after Grub died in 2011, there was a void in Grub's group, giving Brooks the opportunity to move back in with his original mates at the Center.

Today, Brooks has finally settled in nicely, bonding well with, Kenya, Noelle, and the younger male, Mowgli.

  • Brooks was born November 30, 1994
  • When Brooks is "displaying"—pounding and stomping around—one wouldn't guess that underneath the tough-guy image is a really sweet and gentle chimpanzee. 
  • Now that he has settled into the alpha role in his group, Brooks is learning daily how to be a fair leader.
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