Introducing one of our newest residents...

Born at a breeder’s compound ten years ago, Chloe was sold as an exotic pet. After spending her infant years with a private owner, Chloe was returned to the Missouri breeder to live the past few years there where she was in the company of another chimpanzee.

We’re still in the process of getting to know Chloe and learning about her likes and dislikes … and she is learning about us as she adjusts to her new environment, new caregivers, new food, new chimpanzees, and new sounds (including orangutan “long calls”). She’s doing very well, eating lots of healthy food, and is beginning to bond with her caregivers. Chloe builds beautiful nests out of her blankets each night and loves games of “tickle & chase” through the aerial trailways.

She’s a lovely girl, and we’re looking forward to introducing her to some new chimp friends at the sanctuary.

  • Chloe was born December 2, 2008
  • Her caregivers describe her as flirty, gentle, and agile.
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