Hannah, Kenzy, and Bentley started their lives working for a chimp trainer living in Missouri and Nevada. As they’ve grown, their most recent owner decided the chimpanzees needed to be somewhere where they could receive dedicated care and be integrated into a larger group of chimpanzees with improved outdoor space that CGA could offer them.

Hannah is the smallest female chimpanzee at the sanctuary, but what she lacks in size she makes up for in attitude! She is a sassy young female who enjoys spending time with her new best friend Murray as well as her half-brother Kenzy and little friend Bentley. Hannah also is independent and doesn’t mind spending time alone. She is a half-sister to one of our other residents, Natsu. Hannah’s favorite foods are any leafy greens (except for kale). 

  • Hannah was born July 27, 2000
  • Her caregivers describe her as strong-willed, sassy, and petite.
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