Joe (believed to be in his 40s) was wild-caught, and as an infant, was used at a major Midwest zoo in their old “chimp shows”. When he grew too big to perform, he was sent to a drive-through safari park in Oklahoma. Joe and his mate Lily produced many offspring at the safari park, but the infants were sold as exotic pets or as entertainers.  Amazingly, we have four of their offspring already living here who came from entertainment and from the pet trade – Murray, twins Jonah & Jacob, and Ellie.

Joe arrived at the sanctuary with another chimpanzee male, Bo.  These two unrelated chimpanzees living in different states for many years each sired offspring who were used in the ape trade business.   One of Joe’s daughters and Bo’s son now live together in Missouri and are the parents of Bentley!  

 So they are both Bentley's grandfathers who coincidentally ended up in Oklahoma from different owners. Joe and Bo now peacefully live together at CGA, and we refer to them as “the grandpas”.  

Joe is very independent but sweet. His favorite foods are leafy greens (romaine lettuce, bok choy, kale, etc.)! Any type of greens! He also really likes dried fruit and juice. His favorite type of enrichment is water play, especially if involves bubble bath.

  • Joe's exact birthdate is unknown
  • His caregivers describe him as distinguishable, casual, and warm-hearted
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