Ripley was once a Hollywood star (in movies Ace Ventura, Junior, and television’s Jerry Seinfeld Show ), but he ended up living in a tiny unaccredited zoo in Nebraska after he grew too large to work with actors. He lived there with three other former entertainment and pet chimpanzees for less than two years until one day,  he and his three companions escaped through a door left open. Ripley and his friends were chased down by the staff, and three of them were shot and killed. When Ripley saw his younger brother Tyler and two other companions shot, he ran back into his cage, closed himself inside, and survived.

Within a day or two after his friends were killed, he was shipped out to a private breeder in Missouri where he lived for the next three years. But Ripley wasn't the "breeder" they expected, so he was shipped back to California to another compound where he was to be used as a breeder. But after a year at that compound, the trainer agreed to send Ripley to live at the Center for Great Apes where many of his original companions and siblings from Hollywood had been retired.

Ripley arrived at the Center in December 2009 and has been reunited with his family and companions that he once lived with nearly a decade ago. Ripley has had the opportunity to meet his sisters again (Maggie & Bella), his brother Mowgli, and several old friends (Sam, Bubbles, Jessie, & Boma).

  • Ripley was born on June 12, 1990
  • Even though Ripley never bred while he was in Nebraska, in Missouri, or most recently at the second California compound… he did mate with Jessie and sired one infant at his original Hollywood home years ago when he was only 12. His only offspring is little Kodua who arrived here in 2005 from California.
  • Ripley now lives in the group with his daughter, Kodua, as well as Oopsie, Boma, Jessie, Stryker,  and his best friend, Bubbles.
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