Bam Bam


BamBam was born at a commercial breeder’s facility in Florida, then sold to a California trainer so he could be worked in several entertainment venues. His longest role was playing “Nurse Precious” to an elderly woman on the television soap opera, Passions, for three seasons on NBC. At the age of six, BamBam was becoming too strong to be worked safely and was ready for retirement. He arrived at the sanctuary with two other young orangutans, Jam and Pebbles.

BamBam loved playing with Jam and Pebbles, and later became good friends with Louie. They would wrestle, play chase, and swing around their habitats causing occasional havoc. But as it happens, when young male orangutans reach sexual maturity and start to develop their cheek pads, or flanges, they start to avoid other males and become quite territorial. BamBam now spends time with his female companion, Tango. They are very close and can often be spotted sharing kisses.

  • BamBam’s birthday is January 3, 1999.
  • BamBam loves investigating new toys and other enrichment items.
  • He is very active, brachiating around his habitat and following volunteers and visitors around the property to see what they are up to.
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