Geri started out in the entertainment industry, starring in movies such as The Flintstones, Dunston Checks In and Baby’s Day Out. When she became too big to be worked in Hollywood, she became a breeder and had baby Jam with her mate, Sammy. She arrived at the sanctuary when she was fifteen years old and Jam arrived four months later. The two were reunited after gradual introductions. Geri spent all her time with her mate, Sammy, who was also retired at the sanctuary, until his death in 2010. Now, Geri’s companion is Linus, but she often ventures out into the aerial chute system to visit other orangutans.  

Geri is the epitome of calmness and relaxation. She keeps very busy doing her “projects” with toys, browse, and enrichment items for hours. She has actually organized a little play area under one of the nesting platforms in her habitat where she has stored buckets, shovels and hats to play with. Geri also loves to dress up in clothing given to the apes for enrichment and enjoys gardening gloves and hats.

  • Geri was born on September 13, 1989.
  • She is a thoughtful problem-solver and will carefully examine something to see how it is put together (just so she can take it apart!).
  • Geri is very tidy and enjoys buckets of soapy water to splash in and clean her toys.
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