Harry, with his beautiful long hair and round cheekpads, is a fully-flanged adult male orangutan.  Originally born in Miami at the same facility as some of our other CGA residents, Harry is related to several of our orangutans.  In fact, he looks almost identical to his full brother BamBam.  BamBam is 14 months older than Harry, but Harry is much larger! 

With his sweet and agreeable disposition, Harry is charming his new caregivers and has been particularly interested in watching the noisy chimpanzees nearby.  He’s eating very well and has started to explore the grounds in our aerial trailway chutes. 

Harry’s background was in the entertainment business in California for a few years, but most recently he lived in Central Florida.  We’re very grateful that his owner decided to give Harry the opportunity for sanctuary care for the rest of his life.

  • Harry's birthday is March 18, 2000.
  • Harry is the full brother of BamBam.
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