Jam was born at a Hollywood entertainment compound and would have been worked in television and entertainment, but his trainer decided to stop working great apes. So Jam arrived at the sanctuary when he was only three years old, in the company of BamBam and Pebbles. He was reunited with his mother, Geri, but was afraid of Sammy, his very large “cheekpadder” father. When Sammy was occupied elsewhere, Jam would often spend time playing and grooming with Geri. As he matured, Jam was introduced to Kiki, and they hit it off immediately.  

Jam is very engaging with the staff and volunteers at the sanctuary, and loves to show off his swinging skills on the fire hose “vines” hanging in his habitat. He also enjoys sledding through the aerial chutes and down the slants on his plastic toys. Always ready for a game of chase and full of youthful mischief, Jam is slowly starting to show signs of maturity and will soon be getting his cheekpads. 

  • Jam was born on April 9, 2001.
  • His favorite food is corn on the cob but he wants nothing to do with tomatoes.
  • He also loves to see women with painted toe nails. It is the first thing he looks for when meeting someone new!
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