Tango was born at a breeder compound in Miami, taken from her mother, and sold as a tiny infant to a Hollywood trainer for the movies, television, and commercial business. She has performed in several movies (including Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) and worked in various commercials. In fact, it is assumed that her name came from her use in many of the Tang® commercials.

Like most young apes, Tango grew until she was too large to be used in entertainment and commercials. Once she turned seven years old, her time as a working orangutan had expired. So, Tango was out-placed from show business and was sent to our Wauchula sanctuary in August 2004.

Over the years at the sanctuary, Tango has lived with several other orangutans (Pongo, Mari, Christopher, Geri, Pebbles, and Jam). Today Tango spends most of her time with adult male, BamBam, and he is just WILD about her!

(Note: Even though Tango was used to sell Tang® and other products such as Budweiser®, none of these companies have ever contributed to her retirement or long-term care at the sanctuary.)

  • Tango was born July 17, 1995.
  • Tango likes to hide under large buckets and tubs used for enrichment, and is also crazy about water play. She will often suds herself up if given bubbles in a bath, and she likes to color her face in front of a mirror with colored chalk. At Christmas, when all the apes receive gift-wrapped enrichment items and treats, Tango is quick to gather up as many presents as she can carry, then sit on the pile and carefully open each one.
  • Tango originated from the same breeder as many of the other orangutans here and is
  • Christopher’s younger sister.
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